Alliance Française Emergency Plan

This is our School Emergency Plan made with the support of WREMO.

Earthquake Procedures

On-site classes procedures

This procedure outlines what we will do in the event of an earthquake.

When the ground begins to shake

  • Everyone, including students, teachers and staff will immediately DROP, COVER, and HOLD.
  • We will look at our own safety first. We cannot help anyone else if we are injured ourselves.

When the ground stops shaking

  • Ensure our personal safety first
  • Check those around us and offer help if necessary
  • If anyone requires medical assistance, call 111 and administer first aid
  • Our building is in a tsunami zone (orange evacuation zone). If the earthquake lasts longer than a minute, or is strong enough to knock you off your feet, teachers will immediately collect their classroom grab bag and evacuate their students to our designated Tsunami Evacuation Point (The Terrace via Boulcott street, turn on to Church Street and take the stairs following the signposted Pedestrian Access. The assembly point is at the top of the stairs between 213 and 217 The Terrace)
  • Check buildings for signs of damage
  • If the building appears unsafe, get everyone out. Use the stairs, not an elevator and when outside, watch out for fallen power lines or broken gas lines. Stay out of damaged areas.
  • Get staff and students away from dangerous areas
  • Listen to the radio for information
  • Attempt to inform parents of our situation and our actions
  • Staff will stay with the children until parents pick them up

Off-site classes procedures

In case of an earthquake our teachers will follow the same procedure as the on-site one and will stay with the children until parents/guardians pick them up.

Our teachers will always carry an emergency kit and will follow the school’s emergency procedures in the event of a tsunami alert.

This Emergency Plan focuses on emergencies where Alliance Française staff will need to take immediate, self-directed action in the event of a major earthquake. During or prior to the onset of other types of emergency, officials such as the Police, Civil Defence or the Met Service will provide official advice and guidance.

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